Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



In this Privacy Policy we inform you about the privacy practices, the options available to you regarding the way in which we collect your information online, the manner in which we use this information and your rights when using this website, regulated by the general data protection regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”). Carefully read this Privacy Policy and please visit this page regularly to see any changes that have been made.

We can modify this Privacy Policy at any time and publish the modified terms on this site. All modified terms will be valid at the time of the update of the published Privacy Policy, unless otherwise specified.

Your privacy si very important to us. As such, we want your experience in our website to be as enjoyable and interesting as possible. We wish that you may benefit from the large selection of information and opportunities that the internet offers with full privacy.

We have created this privacy policy to show the commitment of our company when it comes to privacy and security. The following policy describes how we collect the information provided by our users.

This document also explains what is done with the collected information and its possible uses. We recommend a thorough reading of this document.
The website («SITE») offers cultural and recreational content about tarot reading, astrology, astral themes, numerology, tarot in general and horoscopes. This material (“CONTENT”) are available by e-mail. The editor of Clarividencia (“EDITOR”)

1. Collected Information

Personal Identification Information (“PII”) designates the information that might be directly related to you (name, email) or information on activities that are directly related to you, such as products that you have purchased. We collect PII through the following method:

1.1 Information Provided directly by the User

When the user contacts or communicates with the editor, we are allowed to collect information such as name and electronic mail address.
When you participate in a promotional offer (for example, a trial offer) or buy a product or service, we are allowed to collect information related to the promotion you have selected or any other product/service that you might have purchased, as well as financial data such as your credit card number. When you register to purchase online, receive any information card or click on a URL, we are allowed to register your preferences, interests and any other information concerning your user profile.

1.2 Information Collected through our Online Technology

Site editors can collect data about web pages you visit.
Some web..sites use cookies to automatically collect relevant information. We can place one or several cookies (fragment of information that is stored in the hard drive of a user upon request by the web server. This information can then later be consulted by the server during future visits.) with the sole purpose of identifying the User quickly and personally. We can also use web beacons (A web beacon is a digital image of 1 x 1 pixels in GIF format that is placed in the coding of the website. Web beacons have the same purposes as cookies. Furthermore, Web beacons are used to follow web traffic patterns in between the site’s pages to maximize the web flow) to identify an editor’s cookies in your computer when you visit an internet site, any advertising that an editor has added to the website from a third-party site or one of our emails.

Your IP address is registered to be able to fight fraud. Cookies, web beacons and other similar technology, allow the company to register information of your visit such as:
IP Address
Web Browser Used
System OS
Reference Site
Time and Date of Visit
URL of visited pages
Other web browsing activity (i.e. downloading a book)

Most web browsers allow to you to erase or block cookies and web beacons. If you have activated this option, you must re-enter your user name and your password to access certain parts of the web site. You will only obtain general information that will not be based on any specific interest points. Likewise, you won’t be able to use certain functions in the website or take full advantage of all that it has to offer.

2. How We use the Collected Information

We use the PII to supply information related to our offers, products and services; improves our understanding of the needs and interest of the User; develop and improve products and services; and to personalize communications. This includes:
Offers, services, products related to the use of the editor or other third-party affiliates.
Managing and fulfilling orders
Creation and management of accounts
Research projects about a market
Use analysis of our products and services
individualizing shown content and advertising
Surveillance of our services with the goal of identifying and preventing unauthorized content and terms of use violations.
Planning and prevention
Respect for the laws
Preventing fraude and other illegal or forbidden activity

3. How we share and deliver the PII

We could send or share your PII with:
Any company related to the editor in order to manage comercial procedures and marketing.

Our service providers and other affiliates who use your information on our behalf and at our request.

Government agencies, law enforcement agencies or any other entity that we consider trustworthy and that the transmission of this data will be in order to solve legal processes, government investigations or any other requests based on the law.

The buyer, in cases were the editor has sold his stocks.

With third parties, with the ends that you have authorized by accepting this policy or giving us consent any other way.

We will not share your PII with a third party if the User does not wish to. (See subscription/registry form) On the other hand, in case that we notice a violation of our general terms of use or to protect a third moral or physical person, we can share the registered information in our web site with a third party.

4. Information and selection

We give information about the use of the PII in this document, about our web sites and other sites where we can collect information. You may choose to share or not your PII. If you decide not to share them, you may not be elegible to receive the benefits or some of our offers, options, operations and services that may depend on exact PII.

If you have decided to receive personalized messages, information cards or promotional communications by email, you may at all times end the delivery of any content or unsubscribe by following the instructions shown in every message.

You can unsubscribe directly in our website by clicking the following link: Type your email address in the field shown and click “Send.” Your subscription will be canceled immediately.

5.Subsequent Information Transmission

We can only share your PII with third parties if they meet the security and privacy conditions to store it.

6. Security

The editor uses administration techniques and physical storage methods to maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of the PII against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, sharing, alteration or destruction. We also use standard security protocols and technical mechanisms to transmit sensitive data such as credit card information.

7. Access and Accuracy.

We will provide our users enough access to your PII so that they can be corrected, changed, or deleted in case that it is inaccurate or inappropriate for specific offerings.

8. Modifications to this Privacy Policy

Please, keep in mind that this policy may be changed from time to time. We will not reduce the rights stipulated by the current document without your explicitly consent. We will notify you about any changes to this page.